6 tricks for work-life balance

1. Plan ahead

Don’t expect to slip into a slick new routine. Be organised and it will make your working week much easier.

2. Stick to a routine

A schedule creates boundaries to define your working day. It doesn’t have to be regular office hours, but if you’re not careful you’ll be dipping in and out of work 24/7.

3. Maximise your outdoor allowance

recent studies have also found that exercise lifts your mood and helps depression and anxiety

4. Learn to switch off

It’s hard not to be tempted to finish off a few things in the evening. There are, however, simple ways to disconnect. You used to clock off at a set time and travel home from work—now you need another evening ritual:

– The food rule.

Use dinner as a natural cut-off point. This works for most of you

– Hide your tech.

If you can’t see your work laptop and phone, you’re much less likely to reach for them. If you’re using your own computer and phone, turn off push notifications for work chats.

– Grab some fresh air.

To make a distinction between work and play, replace your evening commute with a walk.

– Book a virtual class.

If you have something to look forward to in the evening, you’re much more likely to switch off your computer at a decent time. Online classes and courses are having a moment, from photography to pottery, cooking to karate, and many are free, too.

5.Make weekends sacred

Treat weekends differently, which means definitely no work! Relax and treat yourself. 

6.Prioritise your relationships

with friends and/for family

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