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FAQ – Recruiters

How does Talenteeds work for employers?

1. Post a job and it will be automatically visible in our platform as well to your dedicated consultant. 2. The dedicated consultant will begin submitting short-listed candidates in your Talenteeds dashboard or via email. 3. Manage short-listed candidates with ease from your Talenteeds dashboard or via your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

How to post a job?

Click on "Post A Job" in the navigation bar and be guided by our form. Once published, it will be visible to a dedicated consultant

Is there a minimum fee?

The minimum fee is 10% upon successful hire with a free posting in our platform.

What types of vacancies can I advertise on Talenteeds?

Talenteeds will help you find suitable candidates for managerial and expert roles.

Can I approch candidates directly?

Talenteeds is reponsible for organizing interviews and has the rights to represent the candidates. Should you wish to candidate directly, please note that candidates will have your contact details.

How many qualified candidates will I received from Talenteeds

Talenteeds recommends a short-list up to ten candidates. The maximum is 20 candidates.

Why Talenteeds is beneficial?

By using Talenteeds, you instantly extend your reach to find better candidates in less time. You can also manage your talent acquisition processes efficiently by using Talenteed as a centralized platform for all of your approved vendors.

How can I reach Talenteeds for questions?

By using the contact form, you can ask Talenteeds to call you back and a dedicated consultant will be able to answer your question via phone.

Will applicants have access to my contact information?

Talenteed values your privacy. Your contact information will not be accessible from the platform to candidates unless you specified in the job description

How long will it take to see results?

After your jobs have gone live on the platform, you will begin receiving candidates within the first 48 hours. We find that employers start scheduling interviews usually within the first week. Please expect one week for niche positions e.g IT positions.

What if a candidate, who is sent to me by Talenteeds, is or was in my company’s pipeline of applicants?

If a candidate was sent to you by Talenteeds and has been in your database for 90 days or less, you can reject their application; it would be considered a duplicate.

When the fee payment is due?

Fees are due the day of contract signature date per bank transfer. An invoice of the amount + the VAT will be provided.

How the guarantee period works?

Should the candidate leaves the company during the guarantee period, we will replace the candidate without any additional charges. The guarantee option can be use one time per year and per recruitment.


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